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The Fool - No Clarity Needed

The fabulous thing about Tarot, is there is always a starting point. You either start by drawing a card, or you start with The Fool.

As I begin my Tarot intensive, I've decided to start with The Fool. I truly wish I could remember the name of the person who elevated my relationship with Tarot when he gave me the permission to connect with Tarot based on my Story, my Experience, and the energy behind the lessons taught to me by my querents as we connect the messages of Tarot together.

I'm going to take this new found way to read, which has already added joy and lessened the need to be 'by the book', and dive into this Tarot intensive with the goal to really solidify Her story and how she wants me to tell/share it with others.

The goal of this challenge is not to impress, as Nightshade Tarot says, but to express. I'm running with that, giving myself 10 minutes to write the connection between card and treasure. In honour of the foolery happening at the asylum, I've decided that I'm going to just pick up stuff I find and hope for the best. It should be an interesting, weird, and unorganized journey. Alls I can say is that... I'm curious!

Shall we?

0 * The Fool

The Fool, full of young energy, has been given his day pass. Excitement and a big dose of blind faith sends him on his way, right smack into a canal full of ankle biting fish. He couldn't even care less! Do you see him look down and make fun? He's free, free to go and do as he pleases. There's no one to tell him what to do, so he does himself. His pyjamas and all!! Anyone with a bit of experience would know to pack their PJs, not wear them.

But isn't that the beauty of The Fool? He takes to the opportunity as he is. He has no baggage or preconceived notions. He doesn't know that the way he took is full of flesh eating fish. It's the not knowing that this minimizes his fear, he doesn't even know that he should be crazy scared and careful. I mean lets be honest, he totally misses the fact that there is a canoe right behind him, ready to escort out with ease. Instead, he just plows through, ready to learn, willing to take on whatever comes his way.

When I found the magnifying glass, I hesitated. How does this #tarotpiece connect to The Fool? It's dirty, it's scratched, I mean... it's basically unusable. And then it came to me. If The Fool was told and given access to all the fine print, had a magnified view of what was to come, would he have left with the energy and nonchalance needed to even get started? I don't think so.

The Fool will eventually find this little piece of glass at the end of his journey and wonder why he didn't use it until now. What he doesn't know yet, is that he has all the clarity of the world tucked up in his heart; the pure and simple joy of adventure.

Finding Duende,


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