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The Emperor - Fabricated with Purpose

Minimalistic and organized office desk

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The Emperor is not scattered.

He is direct and to the point, with a rigidity to him that exudes analytics, logic, obsessive organization and steadfastness.

Where His partner is the giver of life, he is most definitely a hunter.

With a wee little beastie under foot, this man gives no fucks. In the pursuit of the hunt he is prepared. His athleticism ripples through his lean mass, displaying a set of bi-ceps that have been trained for this. There isn't an ounce of fat on The Emperor's body, nor is there a hair out of place. The volume in his cape, the polish in his boot and the perfection with which his hat stands erect on his head... every last detail is set forth with purpose.

His purpose is to accomplish, hunt and eradicate the grey.

Right from wrong, black from white. His mission is to ensure the success of our future, and eliminate that which stands in our way. Confident, determined, educated and elected. The Emperor is governor within this portal of Tarot, and he takes his role seriously. The future of his people is in his hands, and he is up for the task.

"His purpose is to accomplish, hunt and eradicate the grey."

Take heed in your desire to lay before his feet.

I do spy a man entitled, privileged and in need. To keep the nation safe? It's in his blood. Consider though, what side of the hunt are you on? Pray it's the right one, as this is a man who will not forgive or forget. The Emperor is a good man, but he is not a gentle man.

The Emperor - The Deviant Moon Tarot

A paperclip is meant to keep your shit together.

It has not changed or evolved over time. It has a purpose, and it carries out that purpose. You can dress it up and give it colour, but underneath it all, it's just a cold, piece of metal, set to perform its task. And so too is The Emperor. You need him, you use him, but you will not find much comfort in his embrace.

The Emperor serves to protect his citizens.

Finding Duende,

Amanda )o(

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