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The Empress In Tarot - The Giver of Life, One Match At A Time

A Lit and Unlit Match Side by Side

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The Empress is connected to her own power source.

Sitting on top of her thrown, in a field full of flowers, she is connected to Nature, the blooming force of Spiritual connectivity and community wellness. As Sisters, we seem to have this never-ending source of nurturing. We are surrounded by the flowers in our garden who thrive and grow based on the health and ability to self nourish.

The Empress of The Deviant Moon Tarot is in full bloom.

Bright and brilliant, she holds her power high above her head with pride and illumination. Her breasts are full and ready to provide sustenance, with an extra one, just in case. And as a Sister, are we not expected to give more even when we've nothing left to give?

The Empress Tarot Card of The Deviant Moon Tarot and Empty Match Book

She is surrounded by a matronly glow.

Full of abundance, love and caring, her presence is one of pride. She knows exactly what her role is on this journey of Tarot, and she owns it.

But like the moon in Her sky, that will journey from full to new... like the checker board she sits on where a game is won and lost, and the source in her hand that will eventually fade and die... so too is the Energy of The Empress. She can only give with out fail, until she fails. It is a never ending responsibility to care and nurture the Fools of Tarot.

And as a Sister, are we not expected to give more,

even when we've nothing left to give?

Fire gives life, sustenance, and warmth.

When I came upon the empty match box, it made me think of Her immediately, and my own role as a Sister. When the fire is alight, the magic happens. When the fire burns out, all is lost. This box of matches gives the illusion of being able to provide. When you don't take the time to track what's happening on the inside, it would seem there is an endless source of nurturing. Until that one day, you've run out of matches, and realize you have nothing left to give.

The box of giving is only as healthy as the person managing its resources.

As The Empress within your element, what is the health of your fire?

Finding Duende,


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