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New Moon in Cancer ~ An Emotional Star is Healing

July seems to be full of karmic energies. Eclipses, retrogrades and two New Moons are just a few Universal movements that we get to play, grow and elevate with.

Because there's just so much to focus on, I've decided, for my own spiritual sanity, that I'm going to focus on and work with the New Moon in Cancer. She keeps dropping signs letting me know that while I have 'mentally' sorted out and tempered, I still have some major emotional healing that I need to do. I say some, but it might turn out that I have Cups full of emotion to sort out.

What new emotions are emerging for me?

The Star

Rising star, falling star, shooting star, a star is born, fading star. These are all ways in which I connect with The Star at any given time. There are 8 stars in the sky, shining above our maiden, surrounding her in abundance and balance. And like Temperance, she has one foot on the ground and one foot in a well of intention. What speaks to me is how proudly she holds her breast. She is absolutely and completely filled with confidence. While her face could be seen as serene, I connect with her sense of content and understanding.

Where do I feel the most vulnerable in life right now? Princess of Pentacles

The Princess has her hand held high as she holds onto a bundle of wheat. If you've worked with me, you'll know that I consider wheat to be a representation of ancient wisdom. It has nourished us through the ages, and continues to give us sustenance. She also has a firm hold of a pentacle, acknowledging her commitment to learning and being grounded. Her entire presence is shrouded in confidence and readiness. There is path just behind her, where a tree in full bloom, is gently guiding her as to where she must begin, with the promise of the Sun on the horizon. And yet, she is standing dead centre in a mess of poppies. Illusion and fatigue are at her feet waiting to claim her. I'm in a position where I can actually move forward in my calling to guide, and I have the ability to invest my time and Self into this journey. Can I, however, get unstuck of the influences that have been holding me back?

How can I create more emotional safety in my relationships with others? 7 of Wands

A young warrior stands at the helm of the portal to his emotions. He has worked through the majority of the Wands sequence to get to where he is, and he is now in a position of power. He can see what's coming, giving him time to plan, protect and progress. He is confident, healthy and strong. However, he is standing on a ledge, and if he loses concentration for one quick second, he will fall, opening up the way for people to take advantage of his emotional state, yet again. My emotions are currently tied to the fiery wands. I must protect my passion projects, as that is where my emotional stability is currently being held.

How can I nurture and care for myself right now? 3 of Pentacles

Three unique individuals come together with a common goal. They each bring something to the table, knowing their collaboration is going to destine them to a collective and far reaching purpose. Partnerships filled with purpose and passion will allow me to nurture all that I've accomplished and hold heart side at this point in my life.

How can I create a sacred space in my home? 4 of Swords (This is Tarot being obvious ;)

The warrior embraces battles and challenges on a daily basis. At the end of the day, he needs to rest and reset in order to be clear of mind when the day is a new. He is home, in his room, at rest, in comfort and at ease. His personal space is clutter free and devoid of distractions. Whether I have 5 minutes or 8 hours, I need to know I can come home to a space designed to heal and replenish. It never occurred to me to start with the master bedroom, but I will definitely dive into creating a space of peace in my place of rest.

What is my highest intention for my emotional wellbeing? The 10 of Cups

Love is in the air. The family is complete, in tune, content and safe. My highest intention for my family is to live a life where we recognize our unique bounty of abundance and balance.

My New Moon in Cancer in Review:

I am at the height of understanding with respect to my emotional base. And yet, the whispers of fatigue continue to plague me, telling me my time has come and gone. Diving into all aspects of my emotional health, I must work hard to guard the state of my emotions by BELIEVING they are worthy of protection. Collaboration and partnerships with like minded 'artists' are at the helm of my emotional growth. Moments of rest in a space tailored to my energetic health, will recharge me to my utmost capacity. My goal is to live a life of sustainable abundance, fuelled by emotional health and wellness.

Finding Duende,


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