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Deviant Moon Tarot - A Balanced Journey Through Love

I'm so excited to introduce you to this deck, I'm even more excited about working with the Deviant Moon and His connection to love, marriage and relationships.

Yes, it's a He!! It is so rare, and I mean RARE that I connect with a masculine energy... but I feel like this deck has a very strong male imprint all over it. To be honest, that excites me. It means that I am in for an entirely different journey, with a deck of cards that I would normally have never picked up (the miniStarlite was the one to gravitate to it originally, and thought I should give it a try).

When I pulled a card to learn about His personality, I pulled the Justice card. What? A stable, fair, direct type personality? Again, not often do I work with that type of energy force.

For the sake of introductions, I feel like He needs to go by the name Justin.

Justin is a super earthy, frumpy, lacking a bit on the personal hygiene side of things. He's a night owl, and it's in the long hours of the night, when the moon is bright and the owl is on the prowl, that Justin is contemplating law and order, right from wrong, and the dissemination of Karma.

Now don't get me wrong, He doesn't really have a shadow side... he's just a survivor, and would prefer to do his best work behind closed doors. Not shy, just alone, and totally good with it because He's not very conversational as he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Don't mistake his desire to not speak much, or be loud, for anything other than the fact that he's watching, learning and totally able.

He lives in a time of total rebuild. Once part of a very bustling, industrial life force, they have literally faced the threads of extinction. A world built on tinkering, everyone is resourceful and have been putting the pieces together and building this Cirque like world full of wonder, awe, mystery, negotiation. They are a people of contemporary thought, and yet traditional in practice.

It is not an easy life, nor is it necessarily a good life. But there is purpose. Justin is fearless, with hints of disappointment threaded through His Journey. When He feels He feels deep, and when He is thankful, His gratitude is so heartfelt it is almost overwhelming.

In so many areas I can quickly sort out His point of view, however, with respect to his sentiment towards love, this isn't an obvious deck. I love that though, it makes this part of my study exciting. As the sign of Libra, which is in perfect harmony and a powerful pairing to my Leo being, this will be an intense and curiosity filled endeavour. I can't wait to get to the end of this journey with Justin, and learn all about His loveStyle.

Finding Duende,

La Sweet Wife

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