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How to Get Unstuck - Three Card Tarot Reading

Investing in changed behaviours while managing your attitude, will grow your rate of success.

#inspiredbytarot | The 7 of Pentacles

Real change requires more then just making a decision; it requires making a decision to change a fundamental belief and or behaviour. It means hanging on in the midst of chaos, and staying the course, even when it appears you may have had a breakthrough.

One of the greatest gifts Tarot has to offer, is simplifying the process of decision making.

She recognizes that breakthroughs require action... and She has 78 action items to choose from.

Tarot works alongside the energy of Universe, and as most of us know, Universe isn't one to gift without reason. Therefore, mastering the ability to make good decisions becomes a skill set necessary to living the good life.

To fundamentally change a behaviour or attitude is going to require time, commitment and acceptance. You will need to learn to recognize the difference between symptom and root cause. The symptom is usually at the surface of what's holding you back, something you can tangibly see. The root cause is at the foundation of a belief set that you've most likely held on to for quite some time. And in many cases, if this behaviour is rooted in negativity, the belief set was formed at the time of a traumatic episode in your life.

Feeling 'stuck' is your subconsciousness quietly sabotaging your better judgment, effecting your ability to make good decisions. As an example, weight loss has always been a personal struggle. Consistency and food addiction are at the forefront of my bad decision making processes, but they are merely symptoms of my struggle. At the foundation of my inability to achieve weight loss success, are my behaviours and attitude towards time management and failure.

Here's a closer look:

I didn't pack a lunch today because I was tired.

Behaviour | Attitude

Life Block | Feeling Stuck

Figuring out the Fundamental Element behind your life block takes time. You can get caught up in over analyzing, and drilling down each symptom to the point of no return. The challenge is to first determine which controllable issues will help you get unstuck. In order to do so, you must be willing to look further then just the obvious surface symptoms.

This three card reading will help you do just that. It's meant to help you determine a root cause, manage the symptom and set a forward moving action item.

1. What is holding you back

2. Change the behaviour

3. Set a manageable boundary

La SweetWife Actual Reading:

I have a hard time getting past the third week of my work out programs.

How can I get Un-Stuck at week three point?

1. Ace of Wands: The Ace of Wands is THE action item card within Tarot. It literally represents the physical action of starting something. As a Wand, it represents fire - an abundance of energy.

2. 2 of Cups in Reverse: A lack of partnership and/or commitment. Feeling alone, disconnected. Bravado and behaving in a do-for-myself-by-myself way. Not asking for help.

3. The Moon: Indicates a long Journey. Cyclical movement, ebbs and flows. Listening, intuition and time for meditation. Under the guidance of the light of The Moon, change always leads to progress.

Summary ~ I need to look at each week as a new opportunity. My lack of energy is directly related to my lack of excitement. At the beginning of each week, I need to re-connect with why I'm doing this, instead of simply trying to just get through "another workout". As a runner, and someone who works out from home, I've removed myself for the group atmosphere and the energy that comes from the support and motivation as provided in a team effort. I need to align myself with an accountability partner to keep me motivated and focused on weekly goals and follow through. As this is going to be, and has already been a long journey, I must schedule a meditative ritual to make sure I am in line with my goals. Evaluating results on a regular basis will help make the changes where and when needed. i.e ~ New goals on on a New moon, assessment on a full moon.

What behaviour or attitude will you use this reading to help you "Get Un-Stuck"?

Finding Duende,

Amanda )o(

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