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The Fool: A Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool

The Fool - 1970s Blue Box Rider 'top lift'


Element - Air


Dalmation Jasper

Third Eye Chakra ~ I See


“I'm coming out

I want the world to know

Got to let it show”


I’m ready


UPRIGHT: Ready, independent, self reliant, new beginnings, renewal, rebirth, adventure, simple, joyful,

youth like, care free, faithful, trusting, loyal, free style, curious, courageous

REVERSED: Impatient, distracted, do for myself by myself, self-absorbed, overly cautious, painfully optimistic, doubtful, reckless, gullible, naïve


It’s time to choose your own adventure and embark on a journey, gifted with the lessons of the seasons you’ve already experienced. Within you is an endless loop of aspiration, hope, and an instinct to thrive. Driven by the curiosity of connection and an internal calling, it’s time to discover who you are in this moment.


The sun isn’t the only thing to lend you His brilliance, it’s your faith in the freedom of self exploration gently pushing you to earn that next feather in your cap. You’ve been called on by the ancestors and to hear their call is an offering in growth, yours and theirs. You’ve been asked to participate in an earth bound adventure deeply woven in the experiences of your heritage.

Embrace this opportunity with youthful vigour, knowing that you’ve been invited to earn a seat in council with guides long transcended into starLite. Speak bravely and ask openly, for now is the time to manifest. Your message is a small breeze away from being exalted by those who’ve entrusted you with the future of legacy. There is a playfulness in the air that is yours to consume, with bits and pieces of life lessons along the way. The ‘not knowing for sure’ gives you the room to breathe and the freedom to dance, even if it’s with the Devil.

You carry over your shoulder an empty bag waiting to be filled with the bones of your life experiences. You’ll be gifted with the tools of ancestral divination, forged by the personal life lessons you’ll amass along the way. To craft the tools needed to move through this next portal in life, you’ll need to attune to your higher self and fill up on everyday magic. Take with liberty that which resonates, this is your adventure and your rules. Stand on the mountain top, face the sun, and let the cool fresh air replenish your lungs with unfiltered air, replete in sustenance and clarity. This is such an exciting time.

This solo adventure won’t last long, as you’ll meet all versions of yourself along the way. Meet them with excitement and compassion. At the bend of each curve there may be opportunity to celebrate, but you might also be asked to slow down and sit in humility, remembering that you are still but a student in recovery, barely able to comprehend all that you’re about to learn.


I know it’s hard, your are lungs full of fresh air, your heart is pounding with excitement and a pocket full of nothing but opportunity. That doesn’t mean you get to be a reckless little shit and pay no mind to all that’s been done to pave the way before you.

Your ancestors are not here to do the work. They’re here to guide and help carry you through. While you don’t need a masterplan, overthinking every move will only choke the beauty in finding your own path.

There’s some danger in the ‘what-about’ and ‘what-ifs’ at this point in your journey. Doubt is going to call you out at every turn; don’t let it distract you from trying new experiences. It’s going to be hard for you to pull away from these distractions but you’ve got to make a choice: sort it out - or move on. Don’t be neutral or you’ll go numb with indecision.

Embrace what could be so you can avoid hanging on to what coulda been.

Hold on to your hat when you’re facing the wind. Not everything and everyone is going to want to be a part of this next phase in your life. Listen with caution; is that sweet little puppy warning you or excitedly pushing you on about your way? When the way isn’t clear or it feels too easy, you’ve gotta take a moment to pause, understand your surroundings and decide how you’re going to move from shadow to light. If you decide too soon, without cause or purpose, the lesson learned might be a bit more than a bump on the arm. Stay too long, and ancestors are going to decide for you, and if you’re carrying any of their residual baggage, those decisions might not be in your best interest.

While there’s a youthful sense of freedom at this stage in your journey, the promise of a do-over perhaps, dabble only in your sense of childlike frivolity. Behaving like a child at this point in your life is you showing your privilege and straight up irresponsible.

No one is trying to steal your candy, so chill. Hastiness is not going to get you to the front of the line, and even if it does, if you tantrum your way to front without knowing what’s at the finish line, you’re bound to be stuck with something you don’t even want.

Don’t confuse naiveté with stupidity. You have the space right now to adventure in joy, so don’t be messy with your business. It’s okay to fail, but at least make an effort to fail forward.

There is a playfulness in the air that is yours to consume, with bits and pieces of life lessons along the way.



TRANSITION: Numerically, The Fool is a 0, a reminder that there’s truly no end and no beginning to the journey you’re folded into. At this stage, flexibility is your superpower. It’s okay to take two steps forward, and there’s no shame if you end up taking five steps back.

PRESENT: Decide how you want to carry your flag forward in legacy. Sketch out the possibilities of tomorrow by staying true to who you are today, and speak too manifest a desired outcome. Don’t worry about colouring in the lines, there’s more than enough time for clean up along the way.

ON THE HORIZON: Take a leap of faith and ease your way into what’s next. Surround yourself with a loyal friend or two and take in the beauty around you. Exhale. And leave the rest with ancestors.


CHALLENGE: lack of maturity; limited life experience; fear based rebellion; not being taken seriously; lack of healthy boundaries

OPPORTUNITY: adventure; freedom to be spontaneous; good trouble; freedom to choose; youthful energy; earning your seat at the table

ADVICE: expect the unexpected and have an exit strategy; don’t seek perfection, instead, embrace a patchwork of experiences; with every action there is a consequence

OUTCOME: carefree days; new friendships; the start of something new; settling into this next season of self


EARTH: career, education and finances - Be careful with cash ~ there’s tendency to have empty pockets, focus on spending wisely

Camp councillor; tourism; social media influencer; pet groomer; veterinarian studies; hospitality and tourism; environmental activism; student; travelling; performing arts troupe

WATER: companionship and compassion - freely give of your love and friendship; an easy kinship is had with everyone that crosses your path; open hearted; trusting, trust worthy and optimistic; there’s time to let love grow; once bitten ~ twice shy; give it a try, see where the cards fall; laissez-fair; trust that you’re actually really good at being by yourself

FIRE: courage, passion projects and personal development - Just let it happen, the last thing you need right now is boundaries and boxes; you’re next set of lessons are on their way, stay present; you’re your own passion project, indulge; be all in or not at all… you’ve earned the right to go either way; go ahead and try a few options

AIR: wellness and communication - You have your health about you, so don’t squander it by being reckless; have fun and be light in conversation, optimism will see you through; you don’t need to be the loudest in the room; bring your smile into all that you do; moodiness and bully behaviour is ill spent, so drop the attitude; avoid perpetual daydreaming, you’ll come across as aloof or worse arrogant and self-absorbed; mind your manners and be sure to share the road with others; only take what you need

SPIRIT: spiritual alignment and guidance - You have the full support of your ancestral council; now is the time to learn everything you can, take it all in; you’re being watched over; if it feels like ancestors are being a little on the quiet side right now, they are, they want this to be a time where you truly exercise your freedom to explore



(Taraxcum officinale)

Master of resilience, Dandelion has the will to live and grow, not thinking twice about breaking through concrete, blooming in all his bright glory once he’s done so. Dandelion is one of those first recognizable flowers that children will pick, full of absolute glee and joy at the ease with which they can craft a beautiful bouquet for their loved ones. The joy is two-fold, when the Dande turns to wishes, and you can make a wish to your hearts content, blowing the seeds of hope into ancestors care.

PARTS USED: leaf, root, flower

THERAPEUTIC ACTION: diuretic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, supports the liver, may help in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure management, digestive tonic, antiviral, antimicrobial, immune supporting, bone therapy and skin inflammation and repair

ESSENTIAL OIL: Lower stress and feelings of anxiety, sore muscles and moisturizer

KITCHEN WITCH: The leaves can be used for so many great things such as salads. Be creative and mix them up with a variety of other leaves and dressings. Add them to a smoothy, make a pesto, dry them to blend as a seasoning.

The roots (and leaves) can be used for tea and if ground, can substitute as coffee. Chopped, they can be roasted, thrown in a stir fry or added as a stock root in soup.

Flowers can be used in a wide variety of baking, fritters, tea, jelly, syrup, pickled… it’s truly endless.

CONJURE WOMAN: use the puffball to make wishes. Spring roots before flowering can be used to call on strength and protection; roots of a Dandelion in bloom can be used to call on stability, growth and longevity; roots of a Dandelion gone to seed can be used to call in travel opportunities.

GLAM WITCH: Easily crafted in a variety of skin care products, Dandelion is an excellent moisturizer known to help promote healthy skin.


Recognizable all over the world, from the ancient times of the Egyptians, Dandelions are a deeply rooted link to your ancestors. Their medicines and magics have been applied since the early ages. It wasn’t until the 20th century that they were demonized as weeds in the New World. The plant itself was most likely brought over by European settlers, where they were used as a food source and for several medicinal purposes. Eventually, they were colonized into the category of undesirable, their history & usefulness eventually abandoned.

Within the colonized BIPOC communities, there is sentiment and regard when considering ones roots. While there might not always be access to the generations of ones ancestry, like the Dandelion, there is deep resilience with the capacity to set newly envisioned roots far and wide. Dandelion strengthens The Fool as its journey progresses.

With so much to offer, here’s a great way for you to work with the versatility of Dandelion as your plant ally:



A Glass Jar: reuse a jar with a tight fighting lid. As an example, on of my favourite types of jars to use is empty pasta sauce jars. Just be sure to sterilize before using it (drop it in boiling hot water for about 3 minutes, and let air dry). If you use a jar with a non-canning metal-only lid, be sure to use wax paper as a seal to protect rusting and contamination.

Second Jar: you’ll simply use this to strain your oil, can be any type, as long as it is the same size or bigger than your conjure jar.

Fresh Dandelion Flowers: enough to fill your jar. Try to find nice, full or colour flowers in an area that has most likely not been sprayed by chemicals or have a high traffic of people and peeing pets. As this is a fresh flower conjure, you’ll want to make sure you pick the flowers on a nice sunny afternoon, minimizing moisture. Water and oil don’t mix, therefore, wet flowers will make your oil go rancid.

Carrier Oil: enough to fully cover the flowers in your jar. Apricot or olive oil will do.

Cheese Cloth or Coffee Filter and Elastic

Vitamin E Oil



  1. Once picked, allow your flowers to dry for a couple of hours

  2. Add your dandelion flowers to your glass jar, about 3/4 full

  3. Pour your carrier oil over the flowers until they are fully covered

  4. Use your spoon to smoosh the flowers down, working through the flowers, activating their medicine, and trying to remove as much air as possible

  5. Cover

  6. Leave it to conjure for half a moon cycle (magic tip - setting under a new moon to strain under a full moon helps keep time)

  7. Strain your oil into the second jar. Dispose of or compost flowers. Rinse original jar, dry throughly and pour your infused oil back into it

  8. Add a couple drops of Vitamin E oil, for longevity

  9. Seal and keep in a cool dark space.

  10. Label and date when jarred

  11. Your fresh flower dandelion oil should keep for about three to six months


*For external use only

  • Use the oil topically on sore joints

  • Massage onto collar bones, neck and shoulders for relief from stress and anxiety

  • Add a few drops to your favourite salve recipe to help soothe inflammation and dry skin

  • Add to your bath for moisture and added relaxation

  • Anoint candles to call in adventure and travel



Robin is recognizable in many cultures around the world, and is most often honoured as a messenger of hope, renewal and rebirth. Associated with the coming of Spring, Robin’s song is full of expression and life, melodic and sweet, calling us to wipe the winter out of our eyes in search for new adventure.

Robin is not the high flying type who soars the skies in foresight. This little bird would rather keep his little feet closer to the ground, keeping company with others, always on the move within his community. Quick to adapt to in any surrounding, Robin seeks new places and spaces, always ready for a new adventure.

As a companion bird, robin likes to spend time with their mate, is very nurturing and is considered a bird that thrives when in the service of others. If robin shows up in your life, make sure to be aware of your surroundings and see how you can be of service to others. Robin wants you to make space for joy and laughter and live a life inspired by the simpler things in life.

Make a wish on the first robin you see. It’s believed that if robin hasn’t flown away by the time you make your wish, it will come true. If, however, robin comes tapping on your window, they bring with them the message of death in the family.

ELEMENT: Feather

A feather is a sacred totem in many cultures, with deep ancestral roots. As such, a feather is said to act as a message from the divine, be it from an ancestor or the heavens. It’s a note of encouragement to move freely & joyfully, encouraging safe travels and growth along the way. In more contemporary terms, to add a feather to your cap is to honour achievements and successes attained on the path of your current adventure.



RITUAL: Bag a Bones ~ honouring The Fool’s Bindle

Throwing bones is thought to be one of the oldest forms of divining. Depending on the people and culture practicing osteomancy, the diviner is said to be casting or throwing bones.

As deep as the tradition runs, so too does the actual casting practice. Bones can be delivered one at a time, multiple pulls from one bag or tossed all at once. There is even a method where the bone, typically an animal shoulder blade, is burnt and the messages are delivered by reading the residual cracks. A quartered or directional circle (NESW) are additional methods of understanding cast messages.

Sangomas, traditional healers of Southern African will throw their bones in a circle on the floor and deliver the messages by the placement of the bones as guided by ancestors. Querents are typically looking for any type of guidance on things such as health, decisions, relationships and finances.

Items used in diving are as varied as the diviner. Traditionally, ivory or the bones of animals such as sheep, goat and chicken were the primary materials used. With legal implications and personal values evolving over time, so too has the items used in a cast; shells, stones, coins, feathers, nuts & bolts, buttons, crystals, fossils, dominos, dice, jewelry, teeth, marbles and curiosities found along the way are all great options.

*I felt seen when I found out that umbilical cords are a common bag of bones offering. I kept my daughter’s, not really sure why or what I was ever going to do with it. I’m excited to incorporate.

CRAFT IT: The Fool’s Bag of Bones


  • A note book

  • Casting cloth

  • Bag to keep items

  • Bones (be ethical & responsible)

  • Meaningful Trinkets

The first thing you’ll want to do is include your own stuff. Your items already have your imprint on them and most likely already have some type of meaning to them. A poker chip from your trip to Vegas, coins from and international visit, your own wisdom teeth, a river rock from a local source. Your bones can be totally organic, synthetic or a mix of both. Be creative. Be meaningful. With every item you choose, write it down in your journal or grimoire and write down the meaning of the item to you, so you can reference it until it becomes second nature.

Depending on the bones you’ve chosen, you could have reversals, like a domino or a coin. Make sure to write in your journal how to read bones with distinct details, like an arrow point, or a flat and round side.

What’s great about this, like The Fool, you can keep adding items as you journey through life. There’s no limit as to how many items you can have, as long as the each have their own individual agenda. Do keep in mind, sometimes keeping it simple can have the most impact.

As you add your items to your bag, make sure you take the time to cleanse them in whatever ritual comes natural to you and your practice. Sacred smoke, smudge, full moon, water, salt, crystals… these are just a few ways for you to cleanse your ‘bones’. This is especially important if the item is found and or doesn’t specifically belong to you. You don’t want none of nobody’s bad juju up in your business.

Spread out your casting cloth. You can use a handkerchief, a piece of leather or lace, you can embroider your own. Just ensure that it has meaning to you (if you practice ancestral veneration, I would recommend using a white cloth). I would also recommend the cloth be at least 2’ x 2’, big enough to keep your bones on once cast. Section off your casting cloth in thirds. You can do this by eyeballing it, or by crafting it directly onto your cloth. Any bones that roll off the cloth can be removed from the reading and considered non-essential.

Ask your question, give your bones a shake, and gently give them a toss on to your casting cloth. You’ll read the bones from closest to you to furthest away, with the closest bones impacting you the most.

Once the bones are cast, intuitively put the message together. Things to consider include: where most of the bones fell, on the first third of your casting cloth? Take that as a sign that there’s a lot happening in the present moment. Do you have a lot of reversals? Do you actually see an image in the way they fell? Do you feel tempted to switch and move a few around for clarity? Take it all in and when you’re ready, start writing down what you see and formulate your message.

Like The Fool who has an entire deck to work his way through, allow yourself the space to get to know your bones and the messages they tell. As you work with them, you’re going to notice patterns and temperament (yes your bones will have a personality). Eventually, your ‘bag a bones’ will become as comfortable to you as your deck of cards.

Bone interpretations to consider having:


Time ~ Seasons, days, weeks, months, years, never, soon





Bone examples:

Chicken Wish bone ~ wishes and good luck

Abundance ~ seeds like pumpkin

River rock ~ transformation over time

Roze quartz ~ love & compassion

*personal preference; while I let people touch my tarot cards, my bones are off limits


In many Black communities to ‘throw dem bones’ means to play a game of slam dominos.


KEYS: opening the doors to new beginnings.


BINDLE - a collection of moments: what moment am I presently in?

CLIFF - unafraid: where should I be unafraid to move forward?

SUN - growth: where should I focus on growing?

DOG - trust: what can I trust is happening on my behalf?

FEATHER - success: a small win that I can celebrate

ROSE - slow down: where can I slow down and find more joy?


What do I need to take care of on the backend so that I can confidently take a leap of faith into my next adventure?

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