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My Top 20 Tarot Cards Deserve to Be On Coffee Cups

Morning advice as #inspiredbytarot

I had a lot of fun with #day2 of the getting to know me and my Tarot challenge... so much so, me thinks I might accidentally landed on a very cute new project!

1. The Hermit - It's about that time for you to grab a piece of chill.

2. The Empress - It won't bloom if you don't care.

3. Queen of Cups - Give them love, not your opinion.

4. Nine of Pentacles - Every day is a gift. Wear red lipstick.

5. Knight of Pentacles - Take care of time and the world is yours.

6. The Star - Look up sweet friend. You got this.

7. Four of Wands - Besom and Sage; welcome to my humble home.

8. Ten of Pentacles - Eat. Play. Love. Repeat.

9. King of Cups - Preach, papa preach! But first, a toast to the good life.

10. The World - You can't get started until you make it to the end.

11. The Moon - I'm learning to listen to myself.

12. The Fool - Life is on the other side of you not giving a shit.

13. The Magician - With a little bit of glitter, I make things happen.

14. Strength - Are you broken? No? Then stop your crying.

15. Queen of Pentacles - I changed the oil in my car wearing four inch heels. So w


16. The Sun - Every day is a new day for you to shine. Be bright.

17. Three of Wands - Don't tell me, show me.

18. Knight of Wands - As the Warrior Princess, I accept your challenge.

19. The Chariot - You're so fancy, even your shadow glitters.

20. The Queen of Wands - I am the hero of my own story.

My favourite card, always, is The Hermit, as he is my Spirit Guide. However, I definitely have a #cardcrush on The Chariot... I kinda feel like I might have to pull The Magician on this one.

What's your #cardcrush?

Finding Duende,


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