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Connecting to the Foundation of Your Marriage Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Is the foundation of your marriage concrete strong or prone to pockets of quicksand?

When I consider the foundation of my home, it’s in absolutely alignment with how I view the foundation of my marriage. Right from the start, when we began building our home, it took forever for the builder to get to the point where they laid the foundation of our house. They dug a hole and then nothing. It just sat there, empty. It gave us an idea of what to expect, allowing us just enough excitement to start planning the future of our home. That enormous hole also allowed room for our emotions to stir up creating some serious anxiety, question and wonder… are we doing the right thing? Once that foundation was set, let me tell you, from frame to door bell, it was fast and furious until completion.

Our marriage, from building the foundation of our relationship to where we are now, wasn’t so unlike building our home. We started dating, things were rolling, nothing too significant. I found out I was pregnant, and had a quiet pregnancy with minimal hiccups until the miniStarlite was born. From the time they pried that squealing little beasty out of my body, to handing us the keys of our first home, it’s been a hell of a ride. These last 17 years have been unrelenting with demand. With the baby turning 16 in just a few short months, however, there is a sigh of relief at bay. We’re coming to that realization that not only is it getting easier, but we made it. Now, we may have accrued several battle scars along the way, but we’re still in one piece, we’re still together, and we’ve raised an incredible young woman who’ll be able to positively contribute to society.

The Cosmic Bond That Keeps Us Strong

I took a moment to sit in quiet contemplation and considered the foundation of our home as it relates to the foundation of our marriage, and wondered, is it as strong as the concrete that holds this house together? Or are we sitting on quick sand, and a prayer? We all have different aspects holding together the sacral base of our vows, but I really wanted a good strong if not tangible connection. I truly wanted an answer that didn’t feel as easy as “it’s our love that keeps us together”. Love is powerful, granted, but I needed a more substantial conclusion. In this space of quiet, I was inspired by two thoughts as it related to our foundation: friendship and elemental compatibility. Friendship being our physical guide and elemental compatibility (which I’ll discuss in another blog), our spiritual guide.

As soon as Spirit whispered the word friendship, I had an inner body standing ovation. The reason I was all in and in complete gratituted with Spirit’s help on this one, is because friendship is our Truth!! Before the romance, dating, parenting, engagement… before all of it, was our friendship. Our buddy buddy system had been well established before we ever said I do. We were friends in high school, long before we even considered each other romantically. Having side by side lockers at 16 years old has everything to do with the fact that we’re still sharing our space today. Knowing each other since we were shithead teenagers has helped us weather the storm.

"The reason I was all in and in complete

gratitude with Spirit’s help on this one,

is because friendship is our Truth!!"

A Lesson in Marriage Brought To You By Home Renovation Shows

Did or do you ever watch those home renovations shows like Love It Or List It? Looking back at them now, I have a new perspective on the importance of the foundations of the homes they were working on. Anytime the validity of a home was being considered, the foundation was the first thing they'd look at. After a flood, major storm or environmental disaster, the first thing that people want to know is the condition of the foundation. If it’s strong, rebuild. If it’s broken, well… it might be time to have one of those strong, come to Jesus type conversations.

Romantic Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

Our marriage has withstood the test of time, thus far, and Universe willing, will withstand several more decades to come. We’ve had our hurricanes and tornadoes barrel through, shake things up, ultimately seeping it’s way into our marriage.

Not having any more children is one of those storms I wasn’t sure that we were going to weather, as it wasn’t my decision. Over time, I’ve come to understand that it was the best decision for our family, and that understanding has sealed a lot of the damage done. The resentment is gone, living-in-the-past arguments have all but ended, and the fundamental loss of how I envisioned our family and my future has healed. All the underneath stuff, the groundwork is sorted. If you look close enough, though, you can still see where the repairs were made; a small stretch mark on the surface of our marriage. In order to find my way back, our way back through that dark time, we had to go back to the basics, and survive on our friendship.

In those moments when love feels questionable, or like we’re co-parenting in a roommate type environment, and we’re spending our time in what feels like a temporarty shelter, I have never questioned my friendship. The manStar and I know how to act and communicate as friends. Most importantly, we know how to share the space within our friendship. What’s even more remarkable, in the context of us specifically, is that it might be the only thing that comes before our role as parents. Our daughter trumps EVERYTHING, except for the fact that we are the best of friends.

"Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer."

Jean de La Fontaine

Ready to connect with the foundation of your marriage?

Connecting to your founding marital source:

  1. Find a comfortable, quiet space in a grounding are of your home.

  2. Light your candle.

  3. Use the candle to burn your sacred smoke wand to open the space for this practice.

*Please ensure your wand is not burning, or in a SAFE fire resistent bowl, before moving on to the next step

  1. Sit with your picture and begin to quiet your mind by reminising on this moment. Really dig far into the recesses of your memories, and pull up comforting and happy thoughts of that day.

  2. As you feel yourself start to drift into joy, move in to meditation. Put your image in front of you and place your rose quartz anywhere on or near your image.

  3. Allow Self to meditate for around 15 minutes. If, like me, you’re still learning to quiet the mind and not drift to making your grocery list, here’s a great audio on YouTube that I really enjoy ~ “Guided Meditation for Love/Relationship Healing”.

  4. As the meditation comes to an end, open your eyes, reconnect with your image, and ask yourself four questions listed above (always go with your first response, and allow room for edits, revisions, and deeper learning after you’ve closed this sacred space). *If using Tarot, plus turn a card for each prompt . If journaling, please write down your guided messages as they come to you

  5. When you're done, take a deep breath, give thanks to your Guides for sharing this space, and helping you connect. Make sure your wand has stopped burning, and blow out your candle to close this space.

Once you’ve completed these 8 steps, shake it off, and allow yourself to ‘come back’. Get up, move and walk around. And when you’re ready, dive into your answers and see what you resonate with immediately and determine what needs more understanding and clarity.

Health and Healing is in the Source of your partnership

My hope is that once you connect with the source of your marriage, the foundation of your life-long partnership, you’ll have an anchor that you can connect with it times or trials and tribulations. More than that, in times of joy and ease, I hope that you connect with the source your marital foundation, and give thanks, as these are the moments that are going to help you fill those cracks should they arise.

I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered as the base of your marriage. If you’d like to go deeper with Spirit’s message, connect with me for the 4 Card “Know the Foundation of Your Marriage” reading.

Please note: Affiliate links may be included. It's just the sprinkle I need to keep the magic alive.

Finding Duende,

La Sweet Wife

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