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Make Your Own Full Moon Rose Water

The power and protection of Holy Water blessed by Father in my childhood home, instilled in me the desire to protect my own home... with Moon Water... as blessed by She.

As a young girl, I grew up with a strong Roman Catholic upbringing. One of the practices that had the most influence on me and that I remember clear as day, is when the Priest would come over with a freshly blessed mason jar of Holy Water.

It was always a big day, Lady Lucia would have the house spotless from top to bottom, we would be dressed in the next best thing to our Sunday best, and a big lunch would be prepared for the visit. The Priest would come, we'd sit and watch the adults visit, and then he would walk through the house, Benedictine each room with a dash of Holy Water and a prayer. From there, my mother would put the remaining water on top of one the cupboards until the next year.

Ingredients to make moon water sitting on a window sill.
Moon Water Magic Making

Here I am so many moons later, still practicing the act of blessing, protecting and praying over my home. Now, instead of the Priest coming over, I invite the Goddess and welcome her to keep my family safe and prosperous. Instead of warding off the Devil, I now look to protect against negative energy... our own, and that which seeps in from the daily aspects of life. Where the water was once Holy, and blessed by the Priest, I enchant Moon Water, adding my own personal touch of magic based on whatever season we are in elementally, spiritually and emotionally as a family.

There is something very therapeutic about preparing my own Moon Water. There is a Divine experience that happens when you open yourself up to taking the time to mix, blend and conjure your own personal blend of protection. For me, stirring the water and adding whatever elements my heart feels called too, connects me to my ancestors, recent and returned to the dusts of time. I never really second guess how much of this or that, as I seem to instinctively know what I need in the way of conjuring up the perfect mix of magic. And when I get it wrong, I take the time to honour my learnings as blessings.

Today, I work with Moon Water for two reasons:

  1. To bless my home with the infinite powers of Goddess Moon, Mother Night

  2. Withdraw, store and hold any negative energy floating around in our home

I try to replace my Moon Water at least twice a year. If I feel compelled to do so more than that, I do. My hope for you is that you'll find a routine that best compliments the flow of magic in your own home.

Generally, I will make a fresh batch of Moon Water with the first big winter snow fall, and typically, I try to make this batch around the Cold Moon, or the December Full Moon. The second batch I try to make is with the first catch of Spring rain, however, because of where I live, this can prove to be challenging. It's up to you how often you want to make a fresh batch, my only recommendation would be that you charge your water under a full moon (or waxing moon at a minimum) in order to heighten its magical powers.

For this particular blend of Moon Water, I wanted to invoke love (red roses), clean out stale and negative energy (Mint Essential Oil) and overall protection and stability (Epsom Salt w/magnesium ~ magically, magnesium promotes stability).

I never really second guess how much of this or that, as I seem to instinctively know what I need in the way of conjuring up the perfect mix of magic.

Full Moon Rose Water Ritual

The most important ingredient you're going to need to consider before getting started, is the source of water you're going to use. Here are a few examples of water sources that I've used and recommend:

  • Fresh Snow

  • Rain

  • Fresh water from a flowing source (please be careful when doing so, and have someone with you if collecting from like a river). If you're collecting water from a natural source, please remember to thank Mother Earth for Her gift and protection BEFORE collecting the water.

  • Distilled Water

  • Basic Tap Water

What you need:

  • Water - As much as you can collect, or need

  • Glass Jars - Enough for every room you'd like to place a jar

  • Salt - In order of my 'personal preference'

    • Sea Salt

    • Epsom Salt

    • Table Salt

      • Small Offering Bowl

      • Roses (I would recommend within two weeks of purchase)

      • Full Moon


  • Crystals*

  • Herbs and flowers (fresh or dried)*

  • Candle*

  • Alter space and cloths

* It's your magic, so feel free to work with whatever feels in season with the essence of the water your looking infuse.


At the beginning of the month, I bought some red roses to celebrate Beltane. Once they started to wilt, I clipped the flowers and put them in a plastic bag and kept them in my fridge, knowing I was going to use them for the upcoming Full Moon.

Alter Prep

  1. Using a small glass bowl, stuff it as much as you possibly can with your roses. I found that separating the petals individually helped me fill in space.

  2. Choose your water vessel and fill with your decided on source of water. With no Spring rain yet, and the snow finally melted, I used distilled water.

  3. In your offering bowl, add your salt. I'd say anywhere from 1/2 a cup to a full cup of salt will do.

  4. Place any crystals, jewelry and any other objects you'd like to charge under the Full Moon on top of the salt. If it doesn't fit in the bowl, just place it beside, and sprinkle a bit of salt on top.

  5. Find a space where all of your items have access to moonlight (if it's cloudy out, still put them somewhere where they'd normally have access to the moon's magic.

  6. Optional ~ I like to place my items on my mini alter cloths. It's just another step for intention and ritual that helps me slow down and act with purpose.

Your alter is ready for its moon bath.

I can imagine them (my ancestors) mixing, stirring and canting over an open fire and a big cast iron pot... gah, if only there was a grimoire!

Now that everything has had a chance to fill up on some seriously powerful vibes, you're ready to start mixing your potion. This is my favourite part, as I feel a deep connection to my magic making ancestors of the past. I can imagine them mixing, stirring and canting over an open fire and a big cast iron pot... gah, if only there was a grimoire.

If you're reusing jars, now would be the time to empty them. I poured mine outside in my backyard, thanking the Goddess for her continued protection.

a. The first step you'll want to take is deep cleaning your jars. I washed them with a natural dish soap, making sure I really got into the lid and rim, as this is where gunk likes to collect.

b. Boil a large pot of water (DO NOT use your moon water for this step), adding a pinch or two of your charged salt. As soon as it starts bubble, carefully add your jars for about two to three minutes. I use a pair of basic cooking tongs to put them in and take them out. Let them air dry as you work through the next steps. Dump the water in preparation for the next step.

i. I would recommend netting the top of your water jar, when dry, with cheese cloth while

the jars are drying

c. Pour your moon water in the large pot, add the rest of the salt, essential oils (anywhere from five to ten drops should do) and your herbal/floral elements.

ii. DO NOT put your crystal(s) in this water, unless you're a crystal master and are 100%

sure of its properties and ability to stand up to boiling hot water

d. Boil the water and all the ingredients until the water gets to a good bubble. Again, I don't have an exact time, just intuition... well, truth be told, the manStar came down asking me what 'the hell is that smell?', that was my cue to a brew well boiled.

f. Pour the hot water into your original jar, slowly, allowing the cheese cloth to really separate the magic from the chaff. Remember, this is really hot water, be careful the steam end up all in your face.

iii. Depending on the size of the jar you're pouring your HOT water into, I would

maybe recommend getting help on this one. Also, place the jar you're pouring

the water back into in the sink, this will help with any spillage disasters.

iv. Once you've poured the water, set it aside and let it cool.

h. Once the water has cooled down, set an intention and fill up your blessing jars with your freshly blessed and newly invoked Full Moon water.

i. Finally, place your Full Moon Rose Water jars into the rooms you're looking to add a little love and protection. I typically like to place the jars in the back right corner of whatever room I'm placing the jar. In my Master Bedroom, I keep it on my dresser with fresh flowers.

Optional ~ Feel free to place the jars lid free to let the water dissolve its magic into the energy of the space you've placed it in, keeping it high enough and out of the reach of curious hands & minds.

Extra Full Moon Water ~ I keep mine in a spray bottle in the fridge, it's a great spritz when I need move stale air, and add a boost of energy. Plus, if one of your jars goes significantly gunky, this is great to use as replacement water until you make a fresh batch.

Moon Water Collecting Negative Energy

Check up on your Full Moon Rose Water to see if it's starting to accumulate energetic gunk. If it's getting pretty blah, it might be time for a new batch. As some rooms are worse than others, use this as an opportunity to do some extra protection and cleansing.

I hope you enjoy your water, and would love to hear how you're going to add you're own dash of this and a splash of that to make it your own.

Love, Light and starDust


La Sweet Wife

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