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The Hermit - My Next Tattoo

A lantern is only as bright as the light that shines within.

As #inspiredbytarot | The Hermit

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my next tattoo, and I've decided on two: one is a passage that I'd like to have written across my collar bone, the next is something to reflect Tarot.

After a lot of back and forth and soul searching, I had narrowed it down to a few cards: The Empress, Strength and The Hermit.

In the end I've decided on The Hermit, for he is truly my first interaction with Spirit. As you may or may not know, I have a very prominent Spirit Guide, whom I used to see often as a child. I no longer see him... actually, just recently I feel like he might me making a few appearances, but that's another story for another time. I can sense him, and I speak with & connect to him on a daily basis. When it comes to reading Tarot, I know if I'm on the right path, or if the message to be relayed has a sense of immediacy based on how much I yawn. My dear sweet Aramos likes to toy with my yawning activity. As I write this blog, I can barely see through my tears from yawning so much, lol, He loves it when I talk about Him.

Now, I don't want an actual Hermit Tarot Card tattooed on me. But what I would love is the tattoo of a lantern, on the far right end of my right wrist. The symbolism is a plenty for me. It would be an honour piece to someone who's been with me since the beginning, guiding me and keeping the light a glow in the darkest of times, and giving me room to grow when all is well. It is also a reminder that the light is within. This body of mine is simply a protective shell of all the energy and light that is inside. It is my responsibility to let it shine.

A lantern tattoo, in homage to The Hermit, would be such a great reminder that even in the darkest of days, I am not alone. I need but look to the light within and follow it's gentle glow.

What Tarot Tattoo would you have inked?

Finding Duende,


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