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I am the Fool - Find Me in Tarot

When family is first, legacy is bound... and magic, therefore, can be found all around.

#inspiredbytarot - 10 of Pentacles

As I continue to work with Tarot, the student in me is always trying to connect the cards to my personal environment, situations and behaviours. When I can put a personal stamp on a card, it helps me connect with the energy and message individually or a reading as a whole.

What I love is that each deck has it's little nuances that I connect with specifically to their story board. Strength, as an example has a general meaning, no matter the deck you're working with. The imagery, however, differs from set to set... and that brings life, and creation and variety... just as each person working with Tarot is an individual.

No matter the deck, there are three cards that I consistently connect with on a personal level, and love having them show up in any of my personal readings,

as they tend to act as Anchor cards.

A look at the cards, and the three personality traits they represent in me:

1. The Fool - The Fool represents in the me desire to be on a permanent adventure. I have very little care for routine, and am always on the look out for something new, challenging and full of promises for magic. I whole heartedly believe in leaping first and planning after. My dreams mean everything to me, and without them I'd be lost... so I'm forever chasing stars.

2. The Empress - I'm not necessarily the Queen of my castle, I am more the governess. As Empress, I am not focused on the details of the day to day, my concern lies within the people of my 'palace'. I am loyal and love to a fault and find great joy in nurturing the journey of others. I am lavish and dramatic, a mother hen so to speak. I am a safe haven for misfits, and love beyond measure. My responsibility is not to the state, but to the people who live within.

3. Ten of Pentacles - There is nothing that excites me more then the idea of working towards a legacy where the family tree is held sacred, and the life work of our ancestors are the foundation with which our work continues. To be honoured, as I honour those before me, in a light where 'all are welcome' and reverence is given to She, then everything I am and everything I strive to be has had purpose.

And that Sweet Friends, is a peek inside who I am as told by Tarot. I use these cards as guiding principles, and they're a great reminder of who I strive to be and why I work with Her to begin with.

What are three personality traits that you like about yourself,

and what cards are they represented by in Tarot?

Finding Duende,


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