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Magically Guilty - I Heart Sci-Fi

"Anything you dream is fiction, and anything you accomplish is science, the whole history of mankind is nothing but science fiction" ~ Ray Bradbury | #inspiredbytarot - Three of Wands

Today's challenge du jour is all about guilty pleasures. I have a few, and very hard to narrow down. I pulled the 3 of Wands, already knowing in my head it would most likely show itself. When I first started to learn Tarot, I played a game of imagery and word association. In the Tarot Nova deck, my first, the Three of Wands looks like a pair of Harry Potter glasses, with three wands around it. Immediately I connected that card with the action of making magic happen. The Magician is really about having what it takes to make an idea come to light. The Three of Wands is the action of making turning that vision into a reality.

Whenever the Three of Wands is pulled in a personal reading, I associate it to magic, otherworldly, super creative, big energy, not quite like anything else... which leads me to my guilty pleasure, anything sci-fi and fantasy based. And to narrow that down even a little more, The Space Channel. It's my favourite channel on TV. I cannot get enough of the show Face Off as an example. That show is the Three of Wands. All my low budget sci-fi thriller type movies, on a Friday night? Yes please, sign me up.

And oh the website is just full of so much amazing stuff, from aliens to unicorns. Zeus to Freddie. Doctor Who to Doctor Frankenstein. I am secretly obsessed with all of it. I keep it all for myself (outside of the fact that I just shared this with you).

Riddick. Vin Diesel. Enough said.

I am super selfish about this guilty pleasure;

It's me, myself and I time, where I get to geek our or freak out all by myself.

*sidenote - I almost fell of my chair when I learned there is going to be a new Star Trek Series -- eeeeekkkkkk!!!! "Star Trek: Discovery". The lead is a woman, and she's not a captain... I love this shit.

Over the course of this series, [Bryan] Fuller says she will learn “how to get along with others in the galaxy,” but to “understand something that is truly alien, she first has to understand herself.” ~

When personally working with the Three of Wands, I know that Spirit is reminding me that I must live in a space of creation. I must ensure that I see the magic in everything. And if I can't find it, it is my responsibility to make it. I must keep my guilty pleasures alive and bright, so that I can continue to follow it's light until I find my space amongst the stars.

Finding Duende,

Amanda )o(

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