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A Golden Filled Memory

To sit with an early childhood memory is to connect with a time when Universe was setting fast your future. As #inspiredbytarot ~ 6 of Cups | The Chariot

To be challenged with the task of blogging my earliest childhood memory is not a challenge at all. In fact I often think of this moment, and talk about it with my mom, who thinks I must be remember a trip from when I was around 2 years old.

It is the memory of us driving in our family car. It was hot, and the windows were down. I remember the warm wind on my face and looking out as we drove past fields of wheat. Golden yellow. Full. Lush. Swaying and hypnotizing. I remember feeling like it was singing. I remember us stopping at a place, like a motel, or something with an outdoor pool. I remember my dad sitting by walls with blue trim. And of all things, I remember a picture of Pope John Paul.

To this day, I love long hot summer drives when the fields are full of this ancient treasure. I am called to many visions of walking in a wheat field, care free and adorned in the crown of The Empress. The smell of the crops and the dirt... the hissing of the insects, and the heat of The Sun... there is a story as old as time buried deep within the budding grain, and I am drawn to it. It's been calling for as long as I can remember.

I hope someday Demeter will bestow on me a piece of her treasure,

so that I may but have one story, one mystery, to call my own.

Finding Duende,


What is your earliest memory childhood memory? What are the triggers that remind you of this memory?

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