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La Sweet Wife - A Name Given with Purpose

La Sweet Wife is an intuitive way of being, where seeds are planted and nurtured over the course of time. Her commitment, if lived with honesty and integrity, will be the foundation of generations.

#inspiredbytarot ~ The King of Cups | The Seven of Earth

In 2008, I came up with the business concept of Mina! Media. It was my daughter's nickname and it was to be an outrageously complex media company. I envisioned this business to be on the 49th floor of some downtown building, in some concrete jungle. I would wear power suits and high heels, and my lipstick would cost me $45. I would work out like madness in the morning and drink wine like water in the evening. My daughter would be perfect. And my marriage unshakeable.

If you were in my way, I would move through you. I mean, why waste precious moments trying to go around or above?

Self help? Get gone. I knew who I was, what I wanted, and how I was going to get it. It was going to be a powerhouse of a company and people were going to know Mina! as THE media monstrosity that it was going to be. Everyone who was anyone was going to want to be a part of it.

This was early 2008 and to 'have a noble intention' was a hippies conspiracy. That kind of thought had no business in the world I was going to create and live in. I was going to make it happen because that's what I did. I made things happen.

Two days ago, I received official notice that my request to permanently close Mina! Media was accepted.


I have not cried. Yet. I don't think I've actually processed saying a permanent goodbye to the shadow that was Mina! I hid behind her for a very long time so I could pretend like I was strong. Like I was a somebody. I created Mina! as a place to live in my depression. Without it I would have ended up in a very very dark place. But She allowed me to stay there until I was able and ready to walk out on my own two feet.

If Mina! Media had a place in Tarot,

She would be The Tower.

The stronghold of disaster.

Nothing went as it should.

I will never give up my high heels, but I'll have no shame and throwing them out the window when given the chance to run barefoot on a field of clover and grace. I'd rather my office be in my house, and you're welcome to join me, on my couch... for wine or tea. My daughter has flaws and that makes her perfectly brilliant. My marriage can be tested. And it has been. Quite seriously. And yet we continue to come out of it stronger each time. If you're in my way, I will take three steps back and observe, because the lesson is mine to learn. I've placebo effected the term 'Self Help' to 'Personal Development', and now I'm all in. More importantly, La Sweet Wife doesn't need to be a household name. It just needs to matter to those who need a safe place to be until they too, can stand on their own two feet.

A noble intention? Call me a hippy conspiracy theorist and let me introduce you to La Sweet Wife.

If La Sweet Wife had a place in Tarot,

She would be The Four of Wands and The Ten of Pentacles

A life of Abundance, respectfully Earned out of love

Everything is as it should be.

Including the fact that I will always find a way to justify $45 lipstick.

Amanda )o(

Being able to define the meaning behind the name of your dream, business, and/or vision will help you set the boundaries on which you will grow and nurture your passion.

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