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Meet the Tarot Queen of All That Glitters

31 days of Tarot, let's get connected.

It's #day1 and I'd like to introduce you to my relationship with Tarot, and how it's connecting me to the power within. This blog is meant to teach, engage and show you how friendly Tarot really is. It has literally changed my life. Her messages and guidance are a part of me, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you... so that someday you to can connect with your own Spirit Guide.

So, my introduction? Let's ask Tarot... as I shuffled my deck, two cards fell out; the Queen of Fire and Strength. *sidenote ~ lately Tarot has been very obvious, these two cards do confirm.

#inspiredbytarot - I AM the strength WITHIN a world that glitters.

I AM - The Queen of Fire (aka the Queen of Wands). When I first decided it was time to read my own cards, I had to do an activity where I connected with a Court Card that represented me - ultimately, I chose The Queen of Wands. So I'm not surprised she turned up now. Confident, bold, and full of passion... to me she is the queen of Gypsies. A lover of life, obsessed with things that sparkle, and a master story teller. She is as connected to the stars above as she is to the ground below. Above all things, she is loyal. She will protect all that she loves with warmth and a guiding light. She finds beauty in most everything. Mystery and adventure are the fuels that drive her. Her greatest fear is abandonment, of herself and those who cannot protect themselves.

She is me.

IN ME - Strength. So here too, is Tarot being obvious. Strength is the card that represents the zodiac sign of Leo - to which I'm sure you've already guessed... I am a Leo.

If the Queen of Wands had a twin sister, it would be Strength, the difference between the two, is that The Queen shows her strength externally by the things she does and Strength carries hers within. It is an honour that She presented me with these two cards, as I have been working to regain my internal strength for a very long time. As a Leo, my pride comes from being able to care for and protect my pack until my dying breath. Hasn't been such an easy task over the years, as my thoughts have been a little cloudy due to an enormous dose of lacking self-esteem. When Leo is low on herself, or the Queen of Wands dwells in a state of disappointment, she becomes harsh, critical and judgemental. To regain a sense of Strength within, takes discipline, forgiveness and compassion. I work on these three principles daily, and with the guidance of Tarot, I am embracing her abundance.

I am her.

Finding Duende,


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