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Wielding the Sword is Jobs

What a bizarre journey the Knight of Pentacles has me on. Like, head scratching on a daily basis kind of bizarre. I think we've thrown a few names around for him at this point, but I think I've decided on Tyler. Don't ask me why, but for today, Ty works.

So Ty has made it very well known that I need to move forward with celebrating and teaching the gift of Tarot. I've known... for like years (insert me looking up to the left trying to figure out exactly how long). Up until now I've been trying to figure out how instead of why. And then I came across this concept the other day, courtesy Ryan Elaison: many of us are probably spending our time digging a whole bunch of little holes, trying to find water. When instead, we should be focused on one hole and dig deep.

"My back yard is the proverbial disaster zone of waterless holes."

Ty is sick of watching me dig holes. I'm not getting anywhere. Interesting coming from a Knight, who's got nothing but time. He is, however, giving me a lesson in time wasted vs time accomplished.

If there's no clear purpose, I am the first to start digging hole after hole after hole. No different with my daily affairs with Tarot. I've got an entire section of my life dedicated to all the things I've 'wanted' to do with respect to Tarot. I just haven't seen the light. The challenge?

I don't see myself reading for others when they can read for themselves.

Wait, what? Did I just hit black gold?

Yes. I have a gift. A natural ability to connect with the messages of Tarot. How could I not want to read for people? I mean, isn't that the whole purpose of what a Tarot 'reader' does?

The thought of reading Tarot full time doesn't excite me in the least... like, that is some serious 4 of Cups just waiting to happen.

In an effort to try and figure out what this blaspheme could mean, I decided to trail blaze with Ty and Tarot. Much to my surprise, here enters the King of Swords. Next to the Queen of Swords, actually lets be real here... the entire suite of Swords, I do not connect with the King of Swords by any stretch of the imagination.

Another hole dug in my backyard of failed projects.

The King of Swords. Where do I even begin? Intelligent. Manipulative. Impartial. Brilliant. Motivational. Outspoken. Gah. This man intimidates me, and kinda makes me wanna hide.. like behind my own shadow.

Photo via

Long story short, I see no meaning in this message and I'm about to roll my eyes at She, when the Steve Jobs movie comes on, and I think, meh... I'll have my snack, catch a few minutes, and then sneak in a nap before mi familia comes home.

"...and what if instead of it being in the right hands, it was in everyone's hands?"

Steve Jobs, The Movie

Nap time over!

"...and what if instead of me reading the cards, I teach everyone to read their own?"

Her message is loud and clear.

Steve Jobs is the King of Swords.

Ty knows exactly what he's doing.

xo Amanda

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