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Life by Design as Inspired by Tarot - Thoughtful Thursday

I'm about to dive in to some seriously cool Tarot Self Care, thanks to this entirely and utterly cool Guide on Pinterest, written by Liz Connors.

Just the other day, I was wondering how I could connect with my angel deck on a daily/weekly basis. The whole goal of working with a deck is to essentially become intimate with it. There are a million ways to one on how other readers connect to their cards, but what has worked for me is imprinting a personal story, event and/or lesson on each card.

I have the basics down for each card, but I feel like many of the definitions and themes surrounding most principles to be archaic, and really have no place anymore in the modern world. Everything needs a foundation, which I have. But when I try to read the story of a spread and rely specifically on information found in books, I lose my way. When I rely on my intuition, and work with my personal experiences, my SpiritWhispers run rampant and I can't stop yawning, which is a good thing, as it means Spirit is guiding my insight, not someone else's definition.

Now, as with anything in life worth learning, I cannot dismiss the teachings of the masters. Clearly. But I think even they would agree that the best read deck, is the one read with heart and personal connection. If I have to flip through a book everytime I need to make sense of something, I'm cutting away a Spirit cord of truth. That time spent flipping and searching rids my readings of authenticity and clean connections.

It's kinda like how I see the bible. The text within is 2000 years old. It cannot be taken literally... in my humble opinion. There are just things within, that no longer serve purpose in todays modern world. However, the foundation with which the lessons are laid within, are crucial. It is the responsibility of the todays biblical messengers to ensure that the word within is being delivered in a way that is relevant to vast needs of today's societies.

As it is with Tarot. My intention is to tear down the image of neon light signs hanging in grungy little shops, or on living room windows in screechy neighbourhoods. My goal is to break free the belief that Tarot is the devil's tool, and that it is scary and somehow linked to black magic. If people only knew that at the foundation of almost any type of psychological practice, are the 78 principles of Tarot, I think people would be shocked.

With all of that being said, as a user, reader and student of Tarot... it is my responsibility to break those boundaries and really show the modern beauty and everyday magic within. In an effort to do so, I will make it may mission to incorporate the everyday with this beautiful ancient practice, in hopes that I too can create a life by design as inspired by those who've come before me.

Follow me on Instagram as I make my way through this very cool Self-Care Guide. My journey with the Knight of Earth (he really needs a name) continues, allowing me to work through this nice and slow. I'm not committing to any type of rigid schedule, so if you'd like to follow along on IG, make sure you #selfcaretarottour and/or #sctt for short.

Finding Duende,



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