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Goalless Boundries - Thoughtful Thursday

What an amazingly dreadful day. I learned something fantastic about the Knight of Earth... do not leave him unsupervised. He will make some bad decisions just because he thinks he's smarter then everyone else. When in fact, he is the only Knight of the bunch that absolutely cannot function without a purpose. Fire - his charisma will get him through all day long. Water - he's more then happy to free flow. Air - let the wind take him where it may, for he of all four, does have the intellect to adjust to his surrounding rather quickly.

I've started on this journey with Guide, and I've already had a huge #magicmoment. The fact that I don't have a tangible goal to work towards means I have left myself an incredible amount of room to misbehave, procrastinate and take pity... and just all around fuck up.

I had no purpose this morning when I woke up. None. I figured, hell I don't need to cover a mile, I don't need to climb a mountain. And because of it, I got seriously stuck in a mud puddle. At first it was kinda funny, I had all this crazy ass energy! It was go go go. I was quick to learn it was not a healthy energy. It was a very cloudy energy, built on having nothing to accomplish for the day. Which, in my head, ultimately turned into, I have no purpose.

I might not have a destination pin pointed on my roadmap, but I better know the direction I'm heading in and how. On a daily basis, ta boot. Just a quick one-over of my day so that I can stay on the trail heading north instead of landing on the highway heading south.

So my #thoughtfortheday is this - 10 minutes, every morning, set my top three priorities:

1. Do or Die

2. I need some attention please

3. Wouldn't it be great if...

4. Optional - If it's broke, fix it

It's not gonna get me far, but it should help me stay outta the mud

VO Amanda

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