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I Broke Up With My Scale ~ Weigh-in Wednesday

The beauty of working with the Knight of Earth is you kinda just get to pack your bag and go. While patient, he doesn't have time for your Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe. There is a lot of stops on the way, and a lot of things to do. And the best way to get in as much as you can when travelling with him, is to have your basics.

Having him as my fitness guide and coach is fucking awesome, cuz he's literally like "workout, eat clean, repeat". No goal setting. He knows that at this point, not being able to achieve the goal is going to be very damaging to the journey.

With that in mind, my fitness bag includes my workout videos and knowing the difference between good food and bad food. That's it. I don't have to weigh-in on a scale on Wednesdays anymore because I've come to realize its like that unfinished roadblock that is so common in any major Albertan city. The construction just never seems to be done. Until one day, all of the sudden, the streets are open, the area is revitalized and every one is celebrating the ease with which you can travel.

My weight loss journey kinda needs to be the same right now. It doesn't make sense for me to show up at the same roadblock over and over, thinking well maybe today I'll pass go, when yesterday it was still a mess. So, I'm off-loading the scale. It was just too heavy and it totally wasn't leading me in the right direction. I feel like I might even dump my measuring tape. It's been choking me instead of leading me.

It's kinda scary, getting rid of the only travel/fitness tools I've been using up until know. This next part of my journey is going to be on the shoulders of instinct and knowledge. Without those two pieces of the puzzle, I have a feeling I'm going to find out how much I don't know...

It will be interesting to see which tools I'll end up with when I get to my destination. More interesting, will be to find out what the destination will end up being.

Saddling up with a lighter load, and making more room for Duende,


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