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Postcards for Spirit ~ A Most Unexpected Gift

I’ve recently aligned with the energy of Great Grand Mother. I truly believe she came for me, rather than me searching her out. I know this to be true, because I hadn't set out specifically looking to connect with her. I remember preparing to do a meditation, in which I always call on Aramos my Guardian, and any other Guides that available to join us. Great Grand Mother all but moved everyone aside, unafraid of letting them know that for the time being, they’ve been dismissed.

“I am Here”, was the vibration I received. A full commitment to me; to one of hers.

There is a sense of guilt in the act of her transitioning into my life. You see, I’ve been calling on my Oma Eringfeld for years. Small, simple, daily conversations. I’ve always admired her and love hearing stories about her from my mom. The love and compassion my mom has for her is womb weaved, complicated, and devotional. I believe the bond my mom had with my Oma Eringfeld is what opens the door to me easily feeling her presence, even though I'm adopted.

When Great Grand Mother arrived, I could feel it, the exchange of responsibility. I knew immediately, Oma has stepped aside, making room. There is sadness, and to be honest, I’m still hanging on a bit, but there is no sense of abandonment. Just love. Love, understanding and the gift of making space for me to connect with a side of myself that has been wholly neglected and lost.

"She is Great Grand Mother to all who’ve been uprooted,

displaced, abandoned and taken from their kin."

She’s here now, Great Grand Mother, present and strong. While I have no tangible connection to my biological African roots, she is my Elder. She is Great Grand Mother to all who’ve been uprooted, displaced, abandoned and taken from their kin.

I had no idea how much I needed her. It’s like a warm, familiar hug has wrapped itself around a chronic patch of despair. She slips into my thoughts daily now, watching, smiling, listening. Recently in meditation, I was able to spend time with her and we sat on a porch swing, quiet, moved by emotion. I could sense that she held me, my head on her lap, my body wrapped in a quilt crafted by her. A small hand gently lay on the side of my face, soothing me. I wept here in the physical world, and sobbed in the spiritual one.

I heard her cooing, gently appeasing my distraught, "Don’t worry about the road you’re not meant to travel”. Her message feels like a postcard from Spirit, filled with read-between-the-lines messaging, destined to uncomplicate the path forward.

The weight of it sits heavy. Unseen truths yet to be revealed sitting at my root, knotted, complicated, painful. I thank my Oma, for carrying the burden. I could not have done it without the grace of knowing she walked beside me. Until we meet again...

I welcome Great Grand Mother. I look forward to my spiritual mailbox being filled with notes of encouragement, signed by you.

This is going to hurt. This is going to heal.

Chasing Duende,

)o( Amanda

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